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Salesforce Input tool - change credentials lose all settings (select objects, fields,etc.)


I am setting up workflows related to roughly 50 Salesforce objects going to their own SQL Server tables (potentially many in each workflow). As of now I need to enter the Salesforce user id and password roughly 50 times each and then reenter much of the information (including object and field selections) when I move the workflow between test and production.  Since changing credentials wipes out the objects, fields, etc. I cannot use the same processes for testing in sandboxes which is a serious defect.  You are basically setting up a new job for each environment.  Is there a workaround for this and how do other businesses deal with change control requirements?    


Hi @BobC,


Ive not come across this problem myself however I have a idea. If you turn your workflow into a macro with a control parameter going into a action tool then onto your SFDC input tool you should be able to change your credentials and trick it to not update everything. Remember you can have multiple action tools going into the SFDC input tool.


Let me know how you get on with this please.






I have the same issue. Salesforce input tools used to work differently some time ago. I remember changing credentials in one SF tool and all other SF tools would update automatically, it doesn't happen anymore.