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Salesforce Input connector - error message


Dear All, 

I do hope someone has encountered the issue and knows how to solve it !!


I'm using Salesforce Input connector in a workflow. 

when I run the workflow, the workflow slows down and I got an error message (see file attached). 


the message says that a problem has occured and that Alteryx has stopped functioning. 


When I click on "Fermer le programme" (i.e close the program), Alteryx does not close at all and I can continue working. I need to start the workflow many times before I can get it run till the end. 


I submitted the problem to the support but they could not help right away. 


Did anyone experience this problem? 


thank you for your help







Hi @msantoso 


sorry, just seen this went unanswered. Did you ever get a resolution from support? 


Is probably worth noting that there were updates to the SFDC tool as recent as 2 weeks ago, here:




Do you get the same issue when using these tools?



Hi Andy,


thank you for your answer. 

Yes the issue is now solved. I got my machine reinstalled and a newer version of Alteryx. 

things are getting better now. 

The support told me there was a bug in the version I was using. 

thanks again