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Salesforce Input Tool Issues

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I'm using Salesforce Input Tool v.4.2.4 to query data from Salesforce Tables, running on Alteryx Version: 2022.1.1.25127


I enjoy Alteryx but using Salesforce tool has made the whole experience frustrating. 


It takes ages to make changes - the whole workflow freezes for (2-3 minutes) when it has Salesforce tool


I can't read more than 2000 rows from Salesforce Report using existing report option so forced to use Custom Query or Query builder


Workflow with Input tool can't be shared with team as it doesn't remember the username\password saved, so when moving from my local PC to server, i will have to re enter the credentials again as i get SESSION TIMED OUT ERROR.

Worst part, re-entering the credentials takes you in, but the table and field selections are lost and have to them all again. I have multiple connectors and doing this with the slowness issue has made it very painful and frustrating to use.


Any idea's, suggestions, best practices from someone who are using this tool?