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Salesforce Input Tool Failing in Scheduler

7 - Meteor

I have scheduled a workflow to run every 6 hours via scheduler. The main objective of the workflow is to download data from Salesforce but the Salesforce Input Tool fails due to the following "Error: Unable to resolve plugin Python 'Salesforce_v4.1.0\main.py'. 


The workflow will run fine when I run it via Designer but fails when it is scheduled and it runs in the background.


Attached is the output in the results pane. This is on Alteryx Designer 2021.3.2.54175.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @AdrianWSH 


When yo say scheduler, do you mean via Alteryx Server or Desktop Scheduler on another PC or Desktop Scheduler on your own PC?


The Salesforce Input tool is written in Python, so in order for it to work, the Python tools and dependencies need to be installed on the machine it runs on. So if you're scheduling it on Server for instance, you have to make sure that Python Tools and the Salesforce input Tool is installed on the Server in order for it to work. The same goes for if the workflow is scheduled to run on another PC with Designer and Scheduler installed.