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Salesforce Input Slow to Load


I have four different Salesforce input tools in my workflow, three running custom queries. I have these grouped and usually disabled because I write the query to an Alteryx database. When I enable the group, Alteryx freezes up for 3-5 minutes. I get this same behavior when opening up the workflow, group not disabled, and click on an individual input tool, then Alteryx will freeze for a shorter period. Is the input tool trying to connect to Salesforce in this time? Why is it taking so long? 


Thanks for any feedback. 


@vancelopez Your workflow is waiting for the metadata to load from Salesforce so the configuration panel can be populated and down steam tools are aware of the fields coming in. Salesforce connectors in a disabled Tool Container do not connect to get the metadata. The time it takes to retrieve the metadata depends on the queries you are running and your connection speed.


Metadata is requested when a workflow is opened and when tools are enabled in a tool container.


To speed development of a workflow, you can cache your input with the Cache Dataset Macro (!app/CacheDataset-V2--Installer-/57087ee23df7da0fb4056e39) and disable all Salesforce inputs. Here is more information about the Cache Dataset Macro.


I hope that helps.


Thanks, Jeff. That macro looks like exactly what I need. 


@JeffF Is there anyway, other than disabling tool, to stop the connector from pulling the metadata? I usually have a few connectors (because the tool has troubling parsing more complicated queries). If I've changed my SFDC password, the connectors try to login via the old password, causing the API to lockout my account. A change of password is required. This starts a cycle of lockouts. The next time I open a workflow that has the old login info, I get locked out. I'm having to reset my SF password daily. 


It would be great if the tool could have the option of when to collect the metadata, i.e. not when opening the workflow or enabling a container. 


Any answer on this lock-out issue with the SF connector?  I have the same issue.  I'll open an old workflow with the SF connector, and before I realize it, I'm locked out.


Not really. Let's say I have five SF connectors in the workflow. I end up putting each in its own container and leaving them disabled until I need them. I find that single cases of incorrect log-in does not lock out my account. This won't help for older workflows where you haven't done this.  


@vancelopez @ljmiller

I don't know whether you are still looking for a way to control when the metadata are pulled; you might consider this:  You can go to User Settings > Advanced > Disable Auto Config and this will allow you to change the password in your SalesForce connectors without getting locked out and the error message popping up.  It will affect other tools as well, so might not be convenient for all situations

Lisa LePome
Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.