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Salesforce ID of Records Inserted


Quite new to the tool (about a month in) and can't seem to find any documentation or discussion related to my question.


I'm connecting Alteryx to our Salesforce org and in a few of the workflows I've created I'm inserting new records. When I do this, is there any way I could configure Alteryx to give me a return of all records successfully created along with the newly created 18 digit auto-generated ID which Salesforce produces as well as the records which failed to insert for some reason?


If I check the results panel, I can see "Salesforce Output - 99 records processed and 0 failed across the batch" but it's seems to be high level summery details. When I'm mass creating data, this capability would be extremely helpful. I'm sure it's a simple configuration, but I just haven't been able to put my finger on it.


The reason having the Salesforce IDs for the new records is I might need to create a child record for those records, and that ID would be required.


And hey to everyone I met at Inspire last week!



Were you able to identify a solution for this?


The best way to address this is to have a separate workflow (in another container or workflow all together) that will pull newly created records in Salesforce, then join that with your original insert file to ensure all records are created and you don't have any misses.

To ensure I pull newly created records, I filter on Created By = my Id and Created date = the date I ran my insert workflow.


Let me know if that's not clear or you need more input.