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Salesforce Connector: easily configure login URL and credentials?

Alteryx Partner

Hello, I manage many, many Salesforce orgs, and need to create jobs that I can run easily on many different orgs. We develop and maintain a app, so when we do upgrades that impact the data model we need to do migrations inside an org.


But I have to edit the credentials for every single connection every time I need to run it against a different org, which limits my ability to quickly run conversions or data moves.


Is there a way to centralize the URL, Login, Pass, Key on the Salesforce Connector so that I only have to enter it once, and can easily change it and re run the job?


Newish to Alteryx so apologies in advance if I am missing something easy.


Any help appreciated.

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer

Hi @jamclark


Are you attempting to have multiple credential options for individual workflows? Or are you attempting to update multiple credential options for multiple workflows simultaneously?


If you would like to execute the workflow for multiple credentials in one go, one option would be to create a Batch Macro that would iterate through a list of credential names that you feed into the macro. 


In order to do this, you would modify your workflow(s) so that there is a separate SalesForce Connector Tool for each of your credentials. You would put each of the SalesForce Connector Tools into their own tool container, and then connect all of the SalesForce Connector Tools to a Union Tool that would feed into your workflow. 




Then, you would add a Control Parameter Tool to the workflow (this will convert the workflow to a batch macro) and connect the Control Parameter to each of your Tool Containers with an Action Tool. 





The configuration of each of the action tools would look like this, where 'user3' would be the alias for the SalesForce connector tool being activated:




The formula sets disabled to False if the name of the connector (user3) is present in the Batch Macro input list. The Union Tool following all of the Tool Containers allows all fo the Connectors to be a part of the same stream. You will want to have all of the Tool Containers disabled to start, and then the Batch Macro will enable them one at a time as it iterates through the Control Parameter Input.


The basic logic of this is that each Salesforce Connector Tool would be activated as the batch macro iterates through your list, one at a time. The downside of this is that all of the SalesForce outputs would be combined into a single output. 


Another option would be to create an Analytic App using the same concept (Disabled Tool Containers). Instead of a control parameter you would connect each Tool Container to a radio button, which would activate the corresponding SalesForce Connector Tool you select in the Analytic Application interface. With this configuration, you individually which credentials you would like to run the workflow with, one at a time.


If you haven't created a Batch Macro or Analytic Application yet, this Tool Mastery Article might be a good place to start.


Do these options all make sense to you? Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you, or if I missed what you are trying to accomplish.




Alteryx Partner


How would you maintain the credentials, like update a password, for a bunch of SFDC connectors spread around multiple workflows?

When I try to change credentials in one connector, it wipes out the fields I had selected, and knowing how long SFDC tables can get in terms of columns, I can't re-select easily...

Is there a way by editing the workflow XML files perhaps?

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer

HI @fpinchon,



There is not a way to edit credentials in workflows through the XML. Currently, your only option is the batch macro solution I described above. I know this is not ideal for managing credentials across multiple workflows. There is an idea for a product enhancement for managing workflow credentials posted here, please go ahead and star it if it is something you would like to see added to the product.



Alteryx Partner

Well, I did it using XML, outside of Designer, and I gained a lot of time...

Here is the documented process:





This is AMAZING!!!!!! I always dreaded having to change my Salesforce information because of all the connectors in all the workflows, but this process made it go from a half day process to being able to update them all in 5-10 minutes. You are a lifesaver! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


If by chance you know the answer to the below as well I'd owe you even more than i currently do -

I have made a custom Salesforce connector that shows up in my tool palette, but I'm not sure where to save my credentials in the underlying XML so I can easily pull down the custom connector on the canvas. Any help is appreciated! 

Alteryx Partner

I guess you could try to mess with the default values found in the Python code for the connector in: