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Salesforce Connector - Existing Field Not Found


I'm trying to use the Salesforce output connector to insert new Customer records and keep receiving this error message.




However, this field DOES exist, as shown below:




It also doesn't appear on the Input connector, which is another issue as I need this field to join my data.




I need this field for what I'm attempting to do. Any suggestions on how to get the connectors to recognize the existing field? I've tried deleting the connectors and re-adding them and also restarting Alteryx Designer, with no luck. 


@dcoelho-nhld Does the Salesforce security profile of the user credentials you are using have read/write access to the field in question?

The user I'm using is a System Administrator. I'm not sure how to check field specific permissions though. I don't see anything saying that this field isn't able to be read/written to. 


@dcoelho-nhld Try going to Salesforce Setup --> Users --> Profiles --> System Administrator --> Object Settings --> Customer


From there you should see a full list of 'Field Permissions'. Hopefully as System Administrator you have access to all of the fields, but since you still have to manually add permissions to the System Admin profile it's possible something was missed. You'll want to verify that you have read and edit access on the ActID__c field.

Thanks for the instructions, I was able to find that page and I do have both read and edit access to that field. However, I changed the permission for "Standard User" instead of "System Administrator" and now the field is working correctly for both the input and output connectors. Thank you very much for your help!