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Salesforce Connection - Joining



I'm new to Alteryx (Designer 11.5)  and am working with a Salseforce Input connector and am having difficulties joining multiple tables.


These are the tables:


Case (child of Contact)

Case Participation (child of Case)

----- > I can get this far, but need to add an additional table

Participant Activities (also child of Case)


Here's what I have so far:




Each Case Participation has 1 Contact/Participant

Each Case may have multiple Case Participations

Each Participant Activity is associated with (one and only one) Case, but can be associated with any of the Contacts (Participants) on the Case. 


Thanks in advance! Please let me know if I can explain this in a different way. 


**Please note, Case is a custom object, not the Standard Case Object in Salesforce



Hey Julianne,


It sounds like you're having trouble joining, not with the Salesforce inputs, is that correct?


For the Participant Activity, you stated each "can be associated with any of the Contacts".  Does this mean it doesn't matter which one they're associated with, or we're not sure which one they're associated with?  In other words, do you just need them to be paired up with one of the contacts, or is there some sort of identifier that lets us know which one they belong with?


Could you post some sample data?  Ideally a few records from each of the inputs, and then an example of how the data should look after going through the workflow.



Yes, the issue is with joining. I have attached Excel files in order to de-identify the data.


What I am looking for is a list of Participant Activities for each Contact and info off of the Case Participation and Case.


Participant Activities and Case Participations are each children of the Case and have a foreign Case ID and a foreign Contact ID, but are not directly related to each other.

The Contact/Participant ID foreign ID on the Case is for the Main Participant only (sometimes our cases have multiple participants).