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SSAS Cube Connection and MS Power Query

6 - Meteoroid

Still having issue connecting and running the workflow for accessing the cube. Anyone still facing any issues for this workflow? 

6 - Meteoroid

Managed to finally get this working.


If there could be the option to feed in a query via a file rather than an input box, that would be cool.


Also the SSAS.exe could have the option to override the Windows Authentication details.


For sure there were lots of errors until installing the ADO.NET part. A good technique to bug fix, we would browse to the MDXQuery.bat file in temp and edit a pause on the end. Running it would then give us a detailed explanation.


Would be great if the Alteryx teams could take pity on those of us who have to deal with Cubes, through no fault of our own. :)

6 - Meteoroid

I know this is an old thread, but wondering if anyone knows:

1. Is it possible to pass credentials with this approach?

2. Does this also work for Azure Analysis Services (AAS)?


I've tried to isolate the issue by constructing the mdxquery.bat file manually and entering details, but can't see anywhere to enter credentials, and not sure if this would work on AAS or just SSAS. Appreciate any insight you can offer! Otherwise, I may need to look into building a separate python script, but I'm quite rusty.


@s_pichaipillai - are you still active here?

5 - Atom

I am also using OLAP Cubes, specifically SSAS Multi-Dimensional Cubes.  We have a lot of happy end users who do not have time to learn Alteryx or any other technical work like querying source data.  They just want to drag and drop and pivot.  Anyway, thanks for this work.  Very helpful!


Appears I'm on analysis service 12 instead of the 11 referenced in the replies. Any chance someone has modified a version of the .exe for this?