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SOAP API Alteryx Download Tool Example

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


Is it possible to download data using the "Download" tool and connecting to a SOAP API in Alteryx?


If it is possible, does anyone have a working example of using the Alteryx Download tool to connect to a SOAP API and download data using it that I could take a gander at?

Much appreciated!

Best regards,


Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

Yes it is possible. I've attached an example that supplies credentials to the Salesforce SOAP API and retrieves an authorization token. Note you'll need to add the base URL to the text input tool and the username/password/securityToken to the payload to actually get it to work. One important piece here specific to SOAP is the "SOAPAction" header.


FYI this snippet is part of the Salesforce Input tool (version 10.0/10.1) macro backend - you can see the whole thing by navigating to bin\RuntimeData\Macros\Supporting_Macros\SalesforceInput.yxmc within your Alteryx installation.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks for the help Neil!