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SFTP Upload Error : Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL


Hi All,


I am using files from a server drive that are to be uploaded to the SFTP on a weekly basis, and am seeking to automate the process, rather than having to spend time manually performing this process. I am attempting to upload files to an sftp automatically using the download tool, Using the tutorial here:


However, when attempting to upload I am getting the following error:

Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL


I know the SFTP credentials are correct because I am able to access it via WinSCP. Can someone please provide some insight to my workflow configuration and verify that nothing is glaringly wrong?


I just realized that I never did the following:


"I'm running my SFTP server on localhost port 22334 and I want to save my file on the root directory of the SFTP server therefore my URL is sftp://localhost:22334/filename.xlsx. Don't forget to start the URL with sftp:// or ftp:// depending on what protocol the server is running. I also add the file location in the second field."


I added the sftp:// to the filename, but how do I add the port specification?


I updated the address field according to the above using the ftp:// and specifying the port number, but found that did not work, and instead I received the following error:


error transferring data: couldnt connect to server uploading to sftp


Then I realized I had to specify the file name within the address, and I stripped the ftp:// and port specification, and simply added the file name to the end like so: - Which worked!