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SFTP Download Tool - dynamic user/pass input

6 - Meteoroid



i am struggling to find a way to feed username and pass dynamically to the Download Tool. 


I am making a GET or SFTP request, without saving the user/pass values in the Download Tool.

I tried importing them as headers and payload as field/value from text input Password and Username but i get error:


Error: Download (3): Error transferring data: Login denied


 Has someone managed and is willing to share ?

Any ideas / suggestions are welcome



8 - Asteroid


You can embed the username and password in the URL like this: s

You could use a formula to build the url. Make sure the username and password are cleared out in the Connection tab of the Download tool. You should also turn off URL Encoding to prevent altering the password if it contains special characters.


Another option is to use the Action tool to update the UserName and Password values of the download tool.


6 - Meteoroid

Thank you 🙂  the embed the username and password in the URL option worked

i wouldn't have guessed that ever, thank you  🤗


i tried the action tool earlier, but for some reason i couldn't update the UserName and  Password parameters

i might have been doing it wrong.