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SFTP Connection

6 - Meteoroid

I need to send files to another organization. However, there is no username password, only public and private keys to connect to the server path.


Any idea how do i send my files using the keys?





I haven't personally used it yet, but I know that Teknion has a SFTP w/ RSA tool that they have created:



List of other partner tools:

12 - Quasar

Is there no tool provided by Alteryx for this?


Are the partner tools free or do they charge for them?


@wwatson some partner tools are free and some charge for them. While Designer doesn't have this as out of the box functionality, the flexibility of the software allows for it to be built. You may instead choose to leverage Python, R, or a command line script as an alternative to build your own tool if you don't want to pursue a partner built tool. 


Additionally, we keep a close eye on ideas that are submitted here: if there is ever something that you think would be a valuable addition to the platform