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Running time series for multiple brands

8 - Asteroid

Hello Everyone,


I have data for daily sales for different brands-A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H  .  I'm using time series to forecast next 3 months sales.  Every time select each brand and run the process is too lengthy and taking time . 


Here are some points I need help on :

1. How shall I run time series modelling for multiple brands at same time ?

2. Also for each brand

  1.  first I'm running ETS and ARIMA models 
  2. Then using  TS compare tool selecting model for forecast.
  3. Which is the best criteria to select models ?
  4. for Some models my RMSE,ME values are lower for ETS and for some are lower for ARIMA.

3. How can I automate this process or what should I use so that model will directly select best from the ETS and ARIMA and then forecast the values using best model (ETS/ARIMA).


 Attached the sample set of data



Please help me with this.

15 - Aurora

Hi @ash25sumbre ,


Regarding point no.1, I would definitely recommend reading the following blog post in the community:


It compares batch macros to TS Factory tools, which I believe are the answer to your question.


For point number 2, commonly the models with the lowest RMSE are those yielding the best results. 


Hope that helps,