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Running a workflow from the command line?

* Using ONLY a Designer license *

Is there a way to run a saved workflow, locally, from the command line?

I don't have a server license, so I'm unable to utilize AlteryxEngineCmd.exe (as far as I know... whenever I try to run it I get the "No API License" error)


And more importantly, is there a way to run locally from the command line AND pass in parameters for User variables?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

No it is not possible to run Alteryx via the command line or any scripting software without either a server or scheduler license which would allow such functionality.

There are several posts on the community which touch on this subject.

Perhaps you could look into ways which you can justify the additional cost to management by showing how awesome Alteryx is!


Thanks Ben.


So Scheduler would run directly on the desktop? That was never very clear on the Alteryx product page. It sounded like it interfaced with the Server to do it's scheduling.

If Scheduler schedules at the desktop, I might be able to swing that expense.  ;-)


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Exactly yes, that's my understanding, so a scheduled license is just a designer add on! Have a chat with your Alteryx account manager and I'm sure they'd be able to give you the appropriate detailed demo of the capability.