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Running Workflows in a Single Platform

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Hi Community,


I currently have a workflow which is being used by several people. The challenge I'm facing is that everytime I make an update to the workflow, I have to ensure that everyone has it and uses that latest version at all times, which is proving to become more and more challenging as more people use it.


I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas on how I can get users to run the workflow on a single platform, so that I have the freedom to fix bugs in the workflow, without having to re-circulate everything again. Unfortunately I cannot use Alteryx server for this due to restrictions at my organization. However, I had noticed that someone managed to create a web application with a workflow embedded, allowing users to upload data and download the output reports. I'm happy to explore this option as well, if someone has some material / source code on how to set it up.


Apart from that, if anyone has any other suggestions, I'll be happy to explore that.

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16 - Nebula

Hi @rishabh_1995 


The embed-in-web-app option also needs Alteryx Server, as it's using the Gallery API for Apps published in the server.


Although not elegant, you could place the workflow on a shared drive and get people to run it from there using their Alteryx Designers. In theory, multiple people could have the workflow open and run it from their local machines at the same time.


Disclaimer: This is not really a recommended approach, as anyone can then modify/break the workflow and if the workflow is supposed to read from or write to a local folder you'll have to build that in with something like environment variables. But, in theory, it's possible, I think.

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Hi @rishabh_1995 


If its a version mismatch issue. Lower actually lets to open higher version workflow by just giving a warning.

But its not the same with macro, packaged workflow and app.


Since Alteryx files are xml files it can easily downgraded and will work properly provided you are not using any new feature.


Here is a blog on how to downgrade.

You can give these link to end user so that they can downgrade by themselves. 


Hope this helps🙂


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Hi @DavidP , so running the workflow by saving it through a shared drive was what I had in mind as a quick workaround to the problem. The major parts of the workflow do rely on macros which I know can be encrypted so that should solve some of the issues around changing it, but yes I still agree with your point about people potentially altering other parts of the workflow.


@atcodedog05 yes part of my current issue also deals with the fact that people have different versions of Alteryx, which creates an issue particularly with the macros I have embedded in the workflow. I will pass on the links you have shared with me I'm sure it will help a lot.


Thanks both for your support on this !