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Running The Workflow On Demand

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Greetings of the day,


I'm working on a case in which the timing of the input file is not defined; the input file can be delivered at any moment, and the workflow for loading the data must then be executed.
I've already designed a workflow in an Alteryx designer and posted it to the Alteryx Gallery but we are unable to schedule the workflow for any given time or zone due to the input file's variable timing.

Is there a way to run the workflow when you want it to?

Please let me know if there is something there or if it is possible, and please send the sample workflow.


Thanks And Regards,


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You can execute your workflow manually from the Gallery. You can also give other users an option to do so.


You can also schedule it to run every 30 mins, but it would be split into 2 parts:

- The first part would check if new file is there (by date) and look for and additional indicator whether the workflow was already processed today or not.

- IF True: run the next part, and at the end make the workflow create another file in the same folder which will be your indicator whether the workflow ran successfully today.

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Hey @shashank_shukla,


Not sure if there is an option for what you desire. 


I have used a process that includes one file that just holds a 1 or 0. When an input file is created, the process also has to write a '1' into that file. The workflow is only executed if there is a '1' in the file, after the execution a '0' is written into that file again. 


This way you could schedule your WF highly frequented, but as long as there is no change in the input, it will take less than 1 sec of runtime and won't create an output. 


Not the optimal solution, but it works ;)