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Running Alteryx Flow with a service account

First off I am an Alteryx newbie so forgive me if this is a silly question.

I have an Alteryx flow that I have configured to have input and output to SqlServer. The output is doing the drop and recreate option. Now, I would like to change my output connection to our Prod DB, but the dba would like me to figure out how to use a service account for obfuscation of the credentials and my personal account does not have permission to drop/create table on PROD sql server. I have researched a bit and read about the Run As option, but we don't have an Alteryx Server license. We have alteryx designer with the scheduler add-on. Is there a way to use a service account or some other means to run a workflow with an account that I do not have the password for, possibly using windows authentication...Ideas?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

When you run the workflow, your credentials are used. When Scheduler runs the program, the "Alteryx Service" user credentials are used. You could either provide your credentials to the Alteryx Service, or update the permissions on that drive to allow access to the Alteryx Service user.


You can provide your credentials to use in Options>Advanced Options>System Settings.Run As....png













Alternatively, you can assign your credentials to the Alteryx Service in Windows:





















Thank you for your help! Three questions:

1) Is the Run as option available for designer? or is that only an option with server?

2) If my flow is run with the Run by a user, then is it correct that I still need to  enter database credentials when setting up the output and input? Is there a way to set up the output db connection to use the same credentials as the flow without re-entering in the output setup? Could I do that by using windows authentication?

3)Following up on that if using a Run by user for a flow will windows authentication in a db connection use the run by users credentials?