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Running Alteryx Designer on a Citrix Server?


Hello Everyone!


I have a user that wants to put Alteryx designer on a citrix server to utilize.  Does anybody know if thats appropriate via Alteryx's standard terms?  


This is probably a question you'll want to ask your account rep or so you can get down to specifics.


I'm not familiar with Citrix specifically, but Alteryx does work fine in VM environments such as MS Azure.  In fact, they have a build of Designer in the Azure VM marketplace.


Since Designer is ususally licensed on a machine-specific basis, that could potentially cause you problems depending on how your Citrix is configured


Thanks Jason.  I agree with you - regarding the machine specific licensing.  Deep down, I knew they were the right ones to ask, but I definitely appreciate your feedback.  We just subscribed to MS Azure and I wasnt aware that Designer was available there...  Thanks!!


Here is the answer that I received from Support: 


"Thank you for reaching out to us. I am not currently aware of any particular restrictions regarding deployment to Citrix environments, and I am aware of some customers utilizing Alteryx deployed with Citrix technologies. However, please keep in mind that we do not currently test either Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server on Citrix platforms and as such support for those deployments would be limited. You also have potential licensing complications to consider as we currently issue licenses on a per seat basis. These licenses/seats are intended to be registered to a single workstation and user per seat, and you may encounter complications with this licensing model depending on your specific Citrix integration/deployment."


Seems like its okay, as long as it works and you arent abusing your licensing.


@vizandy did you end up implementing in a citrix environment? We are looking to do the same and were wondering how it worked out for you (pitfalls, pain points, etc.).




One thing to keep in mind here is that using non-persistent VDIs cannot work. 

Lisa LePome
Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.