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Run command for .vbs script in Alteryx gallery

8 - Asteroid

I have an app built that runs a .vbs script at the end of the app that does an SAP query.  It works well locally, but when you publish to the gallery, the .vbs times out, even with the time increased to 180 seconds.


I read this thread about creating 2 dummy folders, but I'm not sure if this will solve my problem -


Has anyone successfully had .vbs run from the gallery with wscript.exe?  How was it configured?

13 - Pulsar

Using other software (ACL) to run a Powershell script to format an Excel file on our server, we created these two folders on the server:


32-bit operating system: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\
64-bit operating system: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\


Then the Powershell script ran OK.  Something about Office automation on a server.


These posts may help:


   Comment from FFFool

   Just wanted to add to this that, if you use the Run As option in your server/scheduler, you will need to make sure that the person/functional id set as the run-as also has access to the folders. I had created the folders, but the run-as is set as my manager's ID and we log into the machine with a functional ID. Only the functional ID was given access when I created the folders and applied my own Admin password. I logged into the computer with my credentials and changed the security on the folders to include my manager's run-as ID, and that finally worked


Also see: the comments on this page:

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8 - Asteroid

HI@harvjul I am currently having the same issue. Vbscript works locally but not when put to the gallery. Was this resolved for you?

8 - Asteroid

I was not able to get the script to work, because I did not know that SAP had never been installed on the server.  We are working on that internally in the next few weeks.