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Run Command batch file creating file instead of file folder when I use mkdir?


Hi, I'm trying to run a workflow that creates a folder when I run it. I'm using the Run Command and batch files to make it.


My command is "mkdir %Engine.WorkflowDirectory%" + [FolderName] and the Data Preview shows everything working out. But when I run the workflow instead of creating a folder it creates a file called [Folder Name].


I think it's a problem in Alteryx because when I run the batch file on its own the folder is created fine.\






I'm not sure whether the example you attached is the one you tested and failed to do what you needed it to. The Formula tool requires an Input so I've added a DateTimeNow Tool, de-selected the new field created and ran the workflow. The folder got created as expected




folder.pngThe folder that got created






Huh that's odd, I do have an input but I didn't want to upload it with my example. I thought there was something wrong with my run command settings but I think I'll restart the application and try it again.


Thanks for the reply!