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Run Command Tool - Code 2 Error


Hi All,


I have been running into issues every time that I try and execute a python script using the Alteryx run command tool.  Screenshot of the error below.  I did read through some of the other posts on run command errors but couldnt seem to rectify the error.  Appreciate it if you could look into this.  


Also - I have tested the script and am able to run it successfully via the Windows CMD tool.  






Hi @Ishan


An error code of 2 is usually (not always) file not found.


This to me would suggest that your python script isn't correctly picking up the file. Are you using a relative path in your script? As it may be that when you run it from the cmd line you are in a different location and that is why it works.


Could you switch your script to either use a full path, or what might be better still to accept an argument with the path and pass that through from Alteryx.



Thanks Joe,


When I input the full file path - it works but now returns a code 1 error which seems to me that it is not liking something that is in the script.  Seems a bit odd that it works fine when I run the script in the Python shell or via the cmd tool it works fine - but returns a code 1 error. 


I have also tried replacing my script with a simple one line Print('Hello World') which runs without any issues.  Are there any known issues with running longer scripts via the run command tool in Alteryx?  I call on packages such as pulp, numpy and e.t.c in the script.