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Run App based on Report output evaluation

5 - Atom

Dear Collegues 


So I have a workflow which generates an output to doc file.

We came accross this business requirement: User runs the app-->generates docx ---->take a look at it ----> upload file thru API (we have working workflow which uploades file from location) . 


Any idea what kind of approach we can take in order to implement that ? The goal is to implement that in one 'workstream', (so the user dont have to run the second workflow,pick the right file to upload) .


Thanks for help



11 - Bolide

There is no way to do exactly what you want. The only idea that comes to mind is to have a delay in the workflow. After the delay, the workflow could check a specific location and see if a new document has been saved by the user. You could also look at a python solution inside Alteryx, but that would be more complicated.