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Route creation


I am working on creating a map of traffic movement between census tract shapefiles.  I have all the tract files and all the flow information and what I want to do is figure out what tracts an entity would have to move through to get to their destination.  I am just working on the city of San Francisco so the size is fairly small.  Is there any to do this in Alteryx?

My first thought was to build a line using the poly build tool, but I still need to figure that part out.  The problem then would be to figure out how to get Alteryx to check what tracts it intersects with.  I was thinking some sort of spatial match, but I don't think that can really output anything that would tell me what I need.  

Has anyone done something similar?

Edit: I have figured out how to use the poly build to create the lines.  If there is a way to figure out which census tracts the lines touch on their way to there destination, that should give me what I am looking for.


The Spatial Match tool should do the trick - feed your Polyline through as the Target, and your census tracts as the Universe. If you still need some assistance, some sample data would help us give you a more fine-tuned solution! But in the meantime, hope this helps get you started :)





Okay, I tried to use the spatial match but I don't really know if I am getting what I want to get.  I will attach the file here with some of the data.  I am new at this so I don't know if I am doing that right but hopefully this will work.  The file attached does not have the whole workflow, I have another one with that, but the tract files and the shapefiles are just really big and this cuts down on the size quite a bit.  

Thank you for your help.