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Rounding and Times

8 - Asteroid

I am stuck on something that seems like it would be easy. I have looked around the community and web a few days to get an example or guidance but I still seem to not find and answer.


I have a multi issue problem here, so lets start with the first issue. I have a list of race times listed as xx:xx:xxx. I have come across multiple sources of information stating that Alteryx can not process that time format. For racing data the milliseconds could be the determination of a win or loss. I have my data input in the format of and my first Idea was to separate the numbers for minuets, seconds, milliseconds. I thought then rounding the milliseconds to "2" digits and then put the string back together in the time format of xx:xx:xx would a good start. Once I have that I planned to use the "date & time" parser to start getting into a form i can analyze.


This lead to my new issue of trying to Round the 3 digit column to 2 digits. After looking I can not find any guides on this.


If you have a link or idea please in regards to rounding or my overall issue with times please reply. any information is appreciated






15 - Aurora

Hi @Jon_Taylor ,


Regarding the second issue, I assume that be saying rounding the 3 digit column to 2 digits you mean rounding 337 to 340 or 866 to 870, right?


If that's the case you can use a round function, as show below


Round([3 digits column],10)




Concerning issue 1, I'm not sure what you are trying to do. What kind of analysis you are after?





8 - Asteroid

Thank you for your input. In regards to rounding I am trying to make it so the 3erd digit is rounded and I am left with just 2 digits. I want to do this because Alteryx can not handle the time format of xx:xx:XXX. the accuracy will be off due to this but I think if I round the milliseconds I can then use an Alteryx format. Below is what I wanted to achieve. I believe your formula can be used and I can just remove the last digit. I have also included my flow for more clarity.

:333 to :33

:336 to :34

So a time of 1:00:333 and 1:00:336 can be differentiated to show who was fastest.


Also my workflow is in progress of being built 🙂


13 - Pulsar

Hi @Jon_Taylor 


I believe the example below should help you fix the round issue:




I attached the workflow.




19 - Altair
19 - Altair

@Jon_Taylor ,


I assume that you know that:


min("1:12:123","1:12:124") returns the smaller


 you can sort or use min function or summarize min and get the fastest time. 




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8 - Asteroid

Thank you for the ideas, I will attempt to use the Min() formula which I actually did not know about to try and see if I can get the sorting done. I guess my only concern would be it looks like you are adding all times in the formula to be sorted. can I use Min([race time]) to get the min of the column? I am excited to get into playing around with this as well as see what I can do now that the time is in a format that Alteryx can parse. I am not sure if that will even do anything but we will see. 


Thanks again!

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

The summarize tool allows you to find the min out fastest time across many rows.  

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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.