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Rounding Numbers using a certain condition

7 - Meteor

There are numbers in Column A of the attached excel with decimal points. Can we using a single formula, achieve the result in "Output Desired" column. I want to integrate two conditions- if there is a number less than 1 or equal to 1, for eg. 0.002,0.5,1 , output should be 1. For others numbers like greater than 1, it should be rounded down to the lowest integer. For eg. 1.6 should be 1, 6.3 should render an output as 6. Can someone help me in integrating this in one formula please? Thanks a lot!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hello @BBhatta26 ,


the formula you should use would be this one:



IIF(ABS([Field1])<1, 1, FLOOR([Field1]))





I've added the ABS just in case the same rule has to be applied for negative numbers



16 - Nebula

Floor Function is what we need, similar with @afv2688 


7 - Meteor

Thank you it worked! @afv2688 

7 - Meteor

Thanks! @Qiu