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[Rookie GIS question ] How to properly prep Txt/Csv file for KML output?


Goal: convert a Txt/Csv file into a KML file for loading into Qlik for geopoint visualization.


I have downloaded a Txt file of radio station 'range' data provided by the FCC in a txt file. The file consists of  ~26,000 records with 362 columns. 358 columms each have a Longitude and Latitude cordinate point, comma delimited.


Though I was able to import the txt file as a CSV into Alteryx with hundreds of warnings/lost records and filtered the remaining records meet my criteria (only FM band stations), what is the next step in outputting this data correctly as a KML file?


  1. How should I structure headers (there are no headers currently because it's 358 rows) so the KML file will output with headers?
  2. Do I need to concatenate all the 358 Long,Lat cordinates  into one field for it to be Qlik readable?
  3. What is the best practice for concatenating all those (358) values into one field?


Thanks for any insight!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I may be able to help you if QLIK can work with ESRI shape files? I don't have to much experience with KML files.