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Rollback previous workflows if error



Hello All,

I have looked at this particular post and if shows how to chain your multiple workflows, but I still can't find any good information on how to rollback a workflow if a workflow later in the chain fails.

How to "chain" multiple worflows together, schedule, and rollback data on failure?


I have a similar situation where for example if any workflow fails in the process then all workflows will have to be rolled back that were before the error which ran successfully. Is there any way to accomplish this? 


If the first solution isn't workable, is  there any other solution to do this by taking  all of my workflows and adding them to individual containers within one workflow and running them in sequence could they be rolled back this way?





The solution that we have decided to go with is to write all data that is 'in-transit' to staging tables.  Then if all tasks run successfully, we do a final upsert one time to commit the final data to the production data.


Often we are doing multiple manipulations as part of our ETL in a logical stepped process so this has the added benefit of keeping the data smaller as we manipulate it.


Try using "Message" tool or "Block Until Done" from Developer tab.


Also have a look into this setup: