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Right trim on numeric




In the below table the first column has data type fixed decimal 19.4. Now in the second column i want to have the output as in below example


109.1574 --> 109.15 

So what i tried is tried to convert the value as string limiting to length "6"  . i need to use column in some numerical calculation so when i change the data type back to Fixed decimal 19,2 .. the values are rounding off.


Another example 103.1051 ... what i want to use in formula is 103.10  NOT 103.11 as shown in the below image..


any idea on how to retain the values i want but still be in numeric ?





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
You can use TOSTRING([field]) to allow you to perform string type functions, and tonumber to convert it back.

For example...


I'd suggest:



I did a blog on various roundings a while ago:


I dont think would give result as needed because the Left function would give only the left two digits i.e 10 . So i tried  then Tonumber(Substring(Tostring(xxx),0,5)) kept the data type as 19.2


This is what i was expecting. Thanks !!


so i tried the following and brought me the same .!  little bit unwanted method 


if [Value] < 100 then

Tonumber( Substring(Tostring([Value]),0,5))

else Tonumber(Substring(toString([Value]),0,6))