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Rewriting fields from google forms to existing sheet

8 - Asteroid

I have a google form that takes in *most* of the fields in a "source" document.


Techs access the source document via a visualization (PII data limited to only the techs required to work it hence the vis tool). During the process of working they reach out to Stations and ask questions to the business:

'Address the same, Caretaker, equipment IP address, etc' 


Then they use a Google form to answer those questions to update where needed. Google Forms deposits the data in another sheet. I've used Find and Replace before and believe this would be part of the solution.


Essentially I want to bring in the Forms data matched on the Station and have it update the columns where the tech entered the data 


Example below:


Forms data sample



Source Data sample




Each form entry may update any of the other columns (64 in total)




So find and replace should work for processing the data, is the challenge that you want the data to update cells on Google? or are you using the data someplace else?  Alteryx, due to the way it processes data, is not great for updating individual cells of a formatted sheet on Google or Excel.