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Return the first 5 rows for each repeated name

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I have a list of Award names that repeated multiple times. Unfortunately the number of repeats vary for each award name and their corresponding ceremony. 


Does anyone know how to return the first 5 repeated award name for every award name irrespective of how many repeats there are? So, basically I would like to keep the stuff that are highlight in the image and discard the rest. 


Alteryx Help.PNGScreenshot of results workflow

It most likely is easy, but I have working on the whole workflow the entire and I cannot think of a solution. 


Thank you. 


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Seffana 


It's pretty easy using the Tile Tool.


I overcomplicated a little bit to keep things organized and to generate duplicate values, but the key is to use the Tile Tool and then Filter the first five "Tile_Sequence_Num" of Unique Values.




WF Solution appended.



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Hey, Thableaus!


Thank you so much! It worked! That was so simple.


I have another (silly) question. 



Do you know how to fill rows in the reverse direction? As in get the string value in Record #15 [Award] to fill up the empty rows all the way to #1 and Record #27 [Award] to fill up the empty rows all the way up to #16 and so on?


I have tried multi-row formula but only know how to use it going in a downwards direction. 


Thank you and warm regards,