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Return Value based on conditions in multiple columns




I am trying to return the value in column C based on values in two other columns. For example, in the below screenshot, let's say i want to identify which account investment 00130H105 is in at Broker JPNBAAALPB. In other words, somehow I would enter the investment and broker as criteria, and it would return Account 6.




@jfsiegried Pretty small analytic app. Make sure when you run this you click the wand, and not the play button.


You can change the output to whatever file type you want.


Sorry @neilgallen, but I don't understand how to use this analytic app.


I have one file with the list of investment IDs I need to find account numbers for, as well as the broker for that investment; there are several thousand investments. I have another file formatted like the one above, with the investments IDs, broker, and account numbers as mentioned above; there are 44,000+ rows. In other words, it would be impractical to have to manually input the investment ID and broker in the app's questions tab each time.


Now I might be misunderstanding how the app functions, but is there an actual workflow I can use to map the investment IDs to the account numbers?


@jfsiegried if your data exists in separate files then all you require is a join between the datasets using investment as your join key. I misunderstood your original request as it was not clear that your data existed in two separate sets.