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Return Ticket by Team that includes blanks

7 - Meteor

I have ticket data in which i need all of the teams except the green team. Each ticket is listed multiple times because when the status changes it creates a new row of data. I need to return the data from every team except the green team. For example if I use the filter to only give me tickets from the red team I will lose many records as some of their names are blank when the rows get added. I also cannot just populate the rows with the team name because teams can change. Shown in the data on ticket number 3 it starts with the yellow team and ends with red team.


In the document I have the data and what the ideal outcome is in the next tab. Thank you!

11 - Bolide

See attachedCapture.PNG

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Hi @Fred22 ,


Solution attached.

I simply generated the team names using the multi-row formula, then filtered out the green team and dropped the extra column.




7 - Meteor

I am sure this works perfectly but my version of alteryx would not open it. Thank you for your support.