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Retry if Google Sheets Output Tool fails

8 - Asteroid

We are running into issues with Google Sheets Output Tool, where it fails several times during the day. I think it is because the REST API call that this connector fails. But there is no way to detect that in Scheduled workflow and retry if it fails.


Any ideas on what we can do to implement a Retry mechanism for the Google Sheets Output Tool?

11 - Bolide

Just to be sure, can you clarify the following:


1) Are you using the Developer Login option?

2) Have you gotten it to run successfully in schedule mode?

3) Are you scheduling in Alteryx server or on your own computer?

4) If server, can you post the exact error that you see?


8 - Asteroid



1) Yes

2) Yes, it has been running for several months now in Scheduled mode

3) Yes, it has been running for several months on the Server

4) That's the thing. There is no error from the Scheduled run. Just there data in the Spreadsheet doesn't get populated. Upon the scheduled job run there data gets populated.


It is rare. But it happens. That's why I am thinking it is some sort of API error that Alteryx is not capturing and reporting.