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Retrieving Build-in Excel Header


Hello Alteryx Gents,


I'm new to Alteryx and have starrted working on some workflows.  I've been giving a task that requires one part of the work flow to retrieve information from the header in the supplied excel sheets.  This is not the column headers from the first row more rather the header that is created from the "Insert header/footer" feature found in excel.  I've used the Input data and formula's available but I can't seem to get that particular bit of information (used both .xlsx and .csv).  Is there a tool or option available to get this type of information?






Hi @bendsley,


These details are not retrieved by Input Data tool because they are not purely related to the data contained in the file. 


You could retrieve such information through a script run with a Run Command tool (link). Unfortunately, this is not really beginner friendly...


I have attached an example (provided as is)




Call script (specify full path for file)
In following example, script will generate a CSV file "ExcelHeaders.csv" that will be used in the rest of the workflow.

call script.png

Results provided by the script:


script results.png


Example of Excel file used for test:


Excel file example.png




Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer


Hi Paul,


Thank you for the response and the example!  This is a great place to start as my other projects will require a similar approach using the run command tool and this provides a great example of using it.  I've tested it out as you suggested and so far this is exactly what I needed.  I'll keep this updated as I approach several other steps in the workflow that will use this tool.


Thanks again,


Bryan Williams.