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Retreive Column names from the selected table using Dropdown

Hi Team,


I have a requirement that I need to list down all the columns from a selected table in the Drop Down input. 


  a Dynamic Columns.pngSelect Dynamic Column names based on the selected table name

For listing down all the table names from the database, i have used "External Source " option of Dropdown toolbox. 

But I am unable to get how to select column names from the selected table name using another dropdown. 


I need to get list of all columns from the selected table from the dropdown option. 


Kindly let me know if there is any other way to do it. 



Hi @RaghavendraBoralli


This is the way I have seen clients set this up dynamically before. 


The file input allows the user to choose a table and then based on the table the columns are passed into a list box for them to select and only those fields continue through the remainder of the workflow.




I have a attached a workflow built in V11.0. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

Hi Jordan,

Thank you . This helps.