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Retain input file links in output file


Hi All,


I have an Excel file with URL as a column.


It has data as Google, Gmail and they are links. When we click on Google, it open in browser.


So while I am writing that in my output(excel) I don't want the output to loose link.


How to handle this. Please suggest solutions ASAP.




Alteryx Partner

I think the best way to do this is to take advantage of the "=HYPERLINK()" function in Excel.


I've attached a solution where I construct a call to this function using an Alteryx Formula Tool, a "url" field, and a "text" field. You could modify this to suit your needs.


The links appear to work for me, but I seem to need to click in and out of the cell in the output file to get the link to actually show up




Let me know if this works,






Thanks for the response.


Your solution is fine when we have 2 separate columns. One for Text and other for Link.


But in my case, input file has a link directly in each cell of a column(see screenshot above).


So, I am trying to output the same column value with hyperlink in the output.


Any thought on this?




Alteryx Partner

Ah i see, the hyperlinks were created by going to Insert -> Hyperlink in excel, and not the formula.


In that case I'm not sure, Alteryx seems to just think these are raw text when being input. I think this is because the actual link is stored outside of the table itself, in the XML document that governs the formatting among other things.


Here's another poster who had a similar question, and somebody gives a similar answer but unfortunately they don't seem to have found a solution.


I would be interested if you do manage to figure this out though. My suggestion, if possible, would be to try and create the hyperlinks using the =HYPERLINK() formula. If you did this, it would read the file in as:




Good Luck!