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Require help in looking up values only for a list of blanks in a particular column.

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Hello All,


I am facing a new challenge.

The issue is as below.

a) I lookup for a particular column from a report to get it on to my main report.

b) Then I find there are blanks or rows which have no value after the first look up

c) Then I follow the above mentioned steps but there is one challenge.

d) The challenge is when I look up only for the blanks as mentioned in your workflow the end result gives me lesser number of rows than what it it should be as per the main report

e) This is because when I am looking up only for the blanks again from another report and trying to join, the new report from which I looked up on the blanks doesn't have some unique identifiers in them.

f) What I need is after the second look up on the blanks I want it to return the same number of rows as in the main report irrespective of the second report used for lookup having values for the looked column or not. if it has values it should return if it does not have the unique identifier it should still retain the one from the main report.


I know its confusing but I don't know how else to explain.

Main report 
Second report for look up 


So in a nutshell, I need to look up for the blanks into the main report from the second report for look up but while returning the values the end result should have the names of Preetam and Charan showing blanks with updated number for Kruthika. but the current workflow suggested omits the names not present in the second report and is not shown in the main report.


hope this is clear please help!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Please consider the use of the FIND REPLACE tool.  It keeps all input records and can be configured to append the value (fields) from another source.  There are examples if you left-click on the tool from the JOIN GROUP pallet.


C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\en\02 Learn_one_tool_at_a_time\03 Join\Find_Replace.yxmd




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7 - Meteor

Hello I did try this but am not able to crack the same as it returning only those values which are there in the second report and not all which were there in the master report.


Please help me with a workflow.