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Reporting from Excel


Dear all,


I have my input data in the form shown in the image (Input Data). I need to convert this into the format shown in the image (Output Data). Is this remotely possible in Alteryx? Even if it's not a 100% similar, it would be fine. I'm also attaching the file with the data.





Output Data.jpgOutput DataInput Data.jpgInput Data



Thanking you,


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @rajatsaxena0707!


Does this work well for you? Full WF attached.




I used some of the technique I learned with @jdunkerley79 to group billables and non-billables. Thank you, btw.






Hi, I didn't found any really proper way to do it, but did it with some tricks (put text in white), and it seems to work, tell me if it helped!


Hey this is perfect, can we just remove the headers above each cell? Currently it's as shown on the image (Image name current), i require it to be like the image named desired - can this be done please?


Thank you.




Hey this is wonderful - I needed the transformation from Input file to Output file, you have done the reverse; Nevertheless, what you've done is really a smart way, would it be possible to use the input tab on the excel as the input file and get the output as shown on the output tab? Much appreciated, thank you.


yes sure, just change the text input to an excel file and it should work, tell me if it doesn't I'll change it!


For not having the labels, I did that to have a separation line, but you could just untick the gorup by part and it should work in the table tool.


Unchecking group by removes the cell outlines completely. Anyway, this was really helpful to me, i will figure out and do some tweaking. thank you so much for this.