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Reporting Tool - unable to enter the path of output file

8 - Asteroid

In the reporting tool, I select the output mode as "Temporary Excel 2007 Spreadsheet"

and trying to export this sheet to an existing Excel file that named as "template" and update the "template" file on daily...  So just like the output data, it can overwrite sheets with drop function.


But the output file section is greyed out which doesn't allow me to enter the link of the file path..

is it something I am missing?


thank you.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ll1100000,


When creating a temporary file you won't have the option to choose an output as it is not creating a physical output as such. To activate the output path section you need to choose the "Choose Specific Output File" option on the dropdown, then browse to the file you are going to overwrite.

In this case, it might be worth loading in that file, appending the date, or other grouping factor, as a column, unioning the new stream with the new date, and then overwriting the original.


Hope this helps