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Reporting Table - Numbers without comma seperators


I am creating reports and in many of them I need columns with numbers that don't have the comma separators (store numbers, item numbers). Using the table tool always adds commas to all numbers. Is there a way to get rid of these?

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Yes that is easy to do: just change the number field to a string before the table. 

One simple trick is to put a select tool before the Table tool and change the type of the specific columns to strings. It will then not add commas


I have tried this but I am exporting these to an excel file for others to use and doing this causes them all to come over as text. This is causing issues when they are attempting to use them for other calculations. 


Store Numbers and Item Numbers should (ideally) be treated as strings as they are identifiers as opposed to values.


What kind of calculations are being performed on these values?