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Reporting Structure Hierarchy

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Hello guys!

I was wondering if anyone could give a heads up or maybe show me a partial solution to this question.

Below you will find a task and an attachment of the dataset.



The provided dataset (in attachment) lists employee information including their employee ID as well as the ID of their manager. Every employee has a manager except the CEO whose manager ID value is null. HR wants to understand the reporting structure hierarchy within the company. How many employees have 3 reporting levels between themselves and the CEO not including their own level and that of the CEO?


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22 - Nova

Hi @AlexanderHolzer 


Check this macro out 


Check this weekly challenge you might find workflow which might work for you 


Hope this helps : )

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Hi @AlexanderHolzer , I was looking into this data set , though right now it is difficult for me to deal with it in Alteryx. 

But here find my solution in Excel itself might it will help you.


  1. You need to take the manager Id and match it with Employee ID to find the respective manager name for Each Employee ID

  2. Repeat the same process for 3 Reporting levels.(u can use the find replace or Join tool to find it out😜)
  3. for the CEO not included u needs to go 4 levels and exclude level 1st hierarchy where CEO is not included.


feel free to connect anytime.

@atcodedog05 has provided the best links to look into it and learn from it. keep it handy for future reference.

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Hi @AlexanderHolzer ,


Assuming that the reporting levels will not be a large number, I think you can achieve what you need by using JOIN, no need for macro.

Attached workflow for your reference.




Hope it helps.


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