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Reporting: Dynamic Titles for Tables

I have a workflow that gathers data together from a bunch of my company's different systems put them into tables, adds titles, formats them and then emails out the relevant information to each user.  The idea is to reduce email volume by creating one large weekly digest email.  


What I'm stuck on is making the titles I'm creating with the report text tool dynamic.  What I mean by that is when there is no information for a specific user from one system alteryx won't add a table to the record for that user.  


Is there a way to make it so if the field (in this case a table) is Null to not add the title to that record?

2017-05-31 09_19_00-Alteryx Designer x64 - ITWorkload.yxwz_.png





Hi @nlashinski,


Is it possible to upload a sample of your workflow or mockup with sample data so we can get a sense for what you are seeing?


Are you using some grouping in your report tables to pass the title fields into the report text tool?  



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hey @nlashinski

What you can do is to trap for zero record sets by using a down-stream filter - you can't trap for this by looking for a null table (because the table doesn't come back as a null)


I've boiled this down to a simple version - you can see the filter component trying to filter for null tables but this doesn't work.   If you look at the browse after the vertical layout component, you'll see that there's a table in here for one user that has no rows (which is what you're trying to avoid.


So, to fix this  - I've added a summarize on the bottom stream that summarizes the users that have rows, and then joined this to the reporting data.  If you look at the join, you can see that this join splits out the one that has no rows, and the middle leg of the Join only contains the ones that have valid rows.


This should do what you're looking for, and we've used this to solve exactly this issue.





Thanks guys,


I'm pretty busy with another project this week but I'll be sure to come back here after I get this worked out.