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Reporting Chart Tool's spacing between Title & Graphic

8 - Asteroid



Does anyone know how to decrease the size of the spacing between the Chart Title and the actual graphic as I would prefer to have less white space there as shown in the attached screenshot.  I realise that this is probably due to the width of the index making the graphic size small and I would like to get around this without moving the index as I have a standard layout.  So ideally replacing the image with title tighter to the graphic but no other changes as I can figure that out myself.


All thoughts welcomed and thanks in advance.


12 - Quasar

I would like to know the answer to this one also. I will be watching for responses.

Thank you for posting.

8 - Asteroid

Did you find a solution to this? Currently having the same issue

7 - Meteor

We can use cell padding under chart Tab to reduce the space between heading and chart.


Interactive chart-> Chart->Margins and padding -> Top Pixel


Note:You can see the decrease in space while reducing the value from default value