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Report output in the body of the email

Alteryx Partner

Hi , Anyone know if there is a way to email the report in the body of the email, say in the format as shown below along with some standard email message saying "please find this report for your review" etc.. Report will also contain hyperlink on the data of one of the column. Appreciate your inputs here on how this can be achieved using alteryxHTML-Doc-6.png



Alteryx Partner

can someone please provide any insight on this request?


I actually solved this same problem today using - I am not sure how much flexibility the built in solution has but I do not want to deal with mail server so API is next best solution to send very custom emails.


Basically have to build out curl request then use run command to execute your request.


I used the basic table and render report builder to write out HTML. I then read in HTML and flatten into one line then use that as part for --form-string html=


curl -s --user 'api:YOUR_API_KEY' \ \
    -F from='Excited User <YOU@YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>' \
    -F to='' \
    -F cc='' \
    -F bcc='' \
    -F subject='Hello' \
    -F text='Testing some Mailgun awesomness!' \
    --form-string html='<html>HTML version of the body</html>' \
    -F attachment=@files/cartman.jpg \
    -F attachment=@files/cartman.png





You should be able to construct the Report Body as a field using the Reporting tools as per standard reports (Have a look in the Samples if you are not sure about this), and then on the Email Tool, select that layout field as your email body.


I stumbled upon this post while looking for something completely different but I think @KaneG has the solution here. I use the reporting tools to design my emails and then select "layout" as the body.


Have you tried the new Visual Layout tool?! It was released with 11.3. It made my life a lot easier!


If you're still trying to find a solution here, I'm happy to share my email layout designs with you.



What is the minimum character size accepted by the field that is passed to the email body? My mail is not getting delivered if the Data type size of the field passed to the email body is greater than 256. However when i manually add more than 256 characters in the body, it is going through, Any suggestions?


@archana986 - Can you share your workflow or a screen shot so we can help troubleshoot?


Thanks! It looks like i had some special character in the email body "<" , ">", which was not accepted, once i removed the, it worked fine. I also used the report text tool to format my email's body. So its working fine now. 


I'm under the impression the only way to get both a chart and text into the body of an email is to use use the Visual Layout tool. If a user then connects that Visual Layout tool to an email tool, is there a way to still allow the subject line to be based on a dynamic field, or only hard code the subject line in the email tool since the only field going into the email tool from the Layout tool is the "layout" field? Thanks!


Hi @Brad2!


Before Visual Layout (Beta) there was Visual Layout. You can use a setup similar to this to Append (or join) the dynamic field after the Layout tool. Note that the sample tool is important if you only want one email. Without it, an individual email will be sent for each record. 




I'm also attaching a sample workflow. Let us know if this works for you!