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Report - Unable to align multiple Tables in same width and height

8 - Asteroid

I am trying to combine multiple tables and arranging them in a single table using UNION ALL and then linking it to 'Layout' tool with setting as 'Horizontal Layout Each Group Of Records'. 5 of them have three measure columns each. One of them has two string columns with values containing ranging from 7 to 60 characters. 

At the end of workflow run, all the 5 measure tables align perfectly with width and height. However the first table containing the descriptive columns is towering high above everything and is misaligned. I am not sure what settings I have to make them in same level.

Here is how the output looks like (Please note, one more measure columns table is not shown but it does align with other measure ones)

Misaligned Reporting elements - Output.png


Here is how the workflow setup is - 

Misaligned Reporting elements - Workflow Setup.png

For the first 'Basic Table' tool, across the two columns - Asset Category , Category Result I have done multiple hit-and-trial changes by fiddling with 'Width' options - Percentage (putting them 50/50), Fixed Width (5 inches for both etc.). Nothing seems to change.

I have also done similar alterations to 'Table Configuration' -> Table Width type but to no avail.

Additional things that I have worked on was to join only the measures in one and then using one more UNION to join this combined data with the Asset Categories table data with one more layout.
Second approach was to union all tables, use a 'Summarize' tool with RptHorizontal for that output and then loading it to 'Table' transform. Again same problem appears.

From the results stand point, number of rows for both sets (measures and descriptions) match. 
Any idea on how to go about fixing this?


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

In the Layout tool, there's a setting for "Alignment (V)" - set that to "Top" to align the tables according to the top edge.





















I think the reason the description table is towering above is that the descriptions are text wrapping to multiple lines. The default vertical alignment is middle, so I bet that table extends both above and below the other tables in that layout.