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Report Header PDF Problems

7 - Meteor

I am currently creating a hospital batch macro which spits out a pdf. I would like to put the same header on every page of the pdf (like word does when using its header and footer). I am merging three different Layouts (I did this bc I wanted each layout to have a page break in between them) as shown attached. How do I place one header that applies to each page of each of the layouts with my current format? I know I need to be using the render tool to place a header on each page but when I create each of my layouts (they are second iterations of layouts) the header drop down disappears. Is there a way to place a header on each page of each layout without using the render tool?




Hi @kuljisd,


You may have already resolved this question but it sounds like you may need to put the header and footer between your last layout and render tool.  I attached a quick example here.




Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx