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Report Format issue



I have been having troubles with the "Table" and "Render" tool while creating a Report . In the past i had just connected the Table Tool and Render Tool to output a report in XLSX file however i don't see the same format as i see in the "Browse" tool. For example in the below workflow i can see perfectly formatted report on the left side under Browse tool but when i open the report which gets exported out to my local drive it looks like the snippet below where the column headers are truncated instead of WK_1 it shows W1 and also the column width are pretty small.Can someone please suggest what am i doing wrong ? Thank you.




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It's not really an issue, but it's being caused by your Render tool. I'm assuming that the setting highlighted below is still at the default configuration. The issue is that the Render tool is attempting to fit your table within the dimensions configured here. Change the paper size to "Custom Size" and adjust the dimensions to a size that renders your dashboard to your liking. I forget if it's the left or right field that you need to adjust so play around with it.



Hope this helps!




Thank you @jrgo-

This solution really helped.i was able to fix the issue.