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Replicate "Running Total In" from Excel Pivot into Alteryx


Hello Experts,


Newbie here. I would like to automate some of my headcount reports from Excel to Alteryx, but am having trouble replicating a pivot. A watered down version of my data is below. Basically when a contractor starts, they have 1 in WF FTE and the start date goes in date. When the contract ends, they get a -1 and the exit date goes in date. Date reporting is always the first of the month from date. 


In my Excel pivot, I do a sum of WF FTE but it's show value as "Running Total In." Because I don't have an entry for every month, I don't know if I can use the Running Total Tool. I suspect some upstream formulas, summaries, transpose and/or crosstabs are needed, but not sure.  Any help is much appreciated! 


Excel Pivot:



PersonWF FTEDateDate ReportingComment
Contractor A11/2/20191/1/2019Entrance
Contractor A-15/5/20195/1/2019Exit
Contractor B15/22/20195/1/2019Entrance
Contractor B-111/8/201911/1/2019Exit


Pivot Field Settings:







Alteryx Partner

Hi @E_Miller 


Something like this should do the trick.  Essentially, you can use the multi-row tool to pull the exit date from the subsequent row to the current row and use the Generate Rows tool to create a record for the months in between start data and exit date.  I added a record to the file for a contractor who has a start date but has not yet exited so we can create a scenario for treating that use-case as well.  Let me know if this works for you.


Replicate Running Total In.png


Thank you very much John! I think this will work! Appreciate it!